testimonials from clients

“Thank you so much for the session today, it is truly a beautiful gift you offer.”

"Sony, I want to tell you how grateful I am for the work you did with me in our last session.  Words can barely describe the transformation I feel inside; I am unimaginably blessed!"

"Thank-you for the beautiful session today. It was unlike any other healing session I’ve ever experienced. I felt at peace and loved. Your loving presence made me feel safe and loved. You are an amazing and gifted healer. Thank-you so much for our time together. I feel blessed to have met you."

“When I first came to see Sony, I was tired, worried, and couldn’t see anything bright or optimistic in my future. With her help, I have allowed my hopes and dreams back into my consciousness. I feel lighter, have more energy, and life looks exciting and wonderful again.”

“Thank you so very much Sony for our very productive session. You do incredible work! I came to you feeling unsettled and anguished without knowing what to do next with my life. In one miraculous session, you gave me my 'soul' back. I feel more grounded and have direction. I am so grateful!“

“When I came to you, I was not sleeping, and had terrible anxiety all the time.  I am so grateful for all the help you have given me. I am amazed at how quickly you led me to exactly where I needed to go to begin deeply healing. With your infinite compassion, gentle spirit and finely honed skills, you have guided me through the anxiety I have been living with for decades! Thank you Sony from the bottom of my heart!!”

“When I came to Sony, I was lost, overwhelmed by grief after losing my wife, and without hope. Sony provided a safe place to talk, wisdom that helped me understand what I was feeling and tools that allowed me to begin to heal. She was insightful and thoughtful, gentle and compassionate. A good listener, Sony showed me a path out of the darkness and into the light. I am grateful for all she has done for me.”

"... Sony is a caring, loving and clearly skilled counsellor who helped my wife and me when we needed it most. I’m so grateful to her, and I recommend her every chance I get."

“I instantly felt stronger as soon as I stood up to walk out your office door. I continue to feel the incredible energy…"

"I first came to see Sony several years ago while dealing with a number issues flowing out of my cancer diagnosis and the emotional aftermath of numerous treatments.  She is very insightful in guiding me to the most appropriate path forward and has at times referred me to other professionals whose work complements Sony’s beautifully.  She is a beacon of hope, a true treasure!! I am now cancer free, and I am more emotionally balanced than I have ever been!"


 Endorsement From Professionals

“As a Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine, I’ve felt so fortunate to know Sony is there to help my patients through their challenges.   Her skill in getting to the real heart of the issue is very efficient and effective.  She has a warm and caring nature, yet direct in a combination that provides clarity.  I’m often amazed at the transformations in my patients, who have spent time with her, and the influence she has in getting them to live healthy and balanced lives.  Thank you for your ongoing contribution to humanity Sony!" Dr. Kevin Preston (DTCM)

 "Sony has helped many of our patients deal with the stress of a cancer diagnosis and the processing of chronic and situational stresses of the cancer experience. She supports patients to rediscover their resiliency and helps to empower them in the face of significant life trauma. She has helped couples and individuals resolve their relationship issues. She has helped many of our patients find inner peace during their treatments, and has helped our late stage patients during their end of life care with us. Sony has a wonderfully reassuring and comforting presence. She brings a depth of spirit and compassion to her work that encourages others to open up to a new level of authenticity in their lives." Teresa Clarke, MD, Ron Puhky, MD
Janice Wright, MD

 "As a Naturopathic Doctor with a practice focused on Women's health, it is important for me to have a network of exceptional practitioners that I can refer my patients to.  Sony Baron is one of my most trusted allies, and I never hesitate to recommend her to my patients.  I truly believe that "the issues are in the tissues", which is why I end up working with so many women who are seeing the physical effects of years of unprocessed emotions or traumas.  Sony knows how to get to the heart of these issues in a manner that is supportive and efficient.  She has extensive experience in multiple counselling disciplines and as such can find the right approach for each individual.  She is intuitive, creative and engages from her heart.  If you are looking to explore your relationship with yourself, with others, with your past or with your future, Sony will be a trusted guide and companion on your journey." Dr. Briana Peddle ND

"I have referred dozens of clients to Sony with uniformly excellent results. She is a gifted counsellor and healer. She understands the dynamics of loss and change and is brilliant at helping people in and through challenging times. Her own maturity and wisdom combined with a solid academic and professional background create a strong foundation for her work. I am amazed at the success she has had with the diverse group of clients I refer to her. I can unreservedly and enthusiastically recommend her as a counsellor, teacher and wise woman." Tracy Theemes, Financial Advisor