Find relief and clarity in the first session! 

I have years of experience in helping clients find their peace. I help with...

  • Finding relief from anxiety and depression

  • Changing life patterns that don't serve  

  • Healing from trauma

  • Healing from grief & loss

  • Healing from cancer

  • Healing from separation & divorce 

Relief from Anxiety

 Living with anxiety is overwhelming, and it interferes with having a healthy quality of life.

I help bring balance back into your emotions, so the anxiety is calmed. I help you break the cycle of stress, so you may move into a peaceful place.

I teach you ways to continue and calm yourself whenever you get into stressful situations.


Changing Life Patterns 

Life patterns are strong. We learn them young, and they follow us around until we say STOP! The reason they are so powerful is because they literally are part of our physiology. Relatively new brain research explains how repeated experiences shape the brain. The good news is that our brains have a beautiful characteristic called ‘plasticity’, so they can change and re-wire through our life time. Therefore, replacing dysfunctional cycles with helpful ones is possible with guidance, intention, and practice! As we find a way to create new experiences, they, in turn, become the brain map we desire.


Living With Cancer

A cancer diagnosis may trigger shock, anger, confusion, anxiety and grief. Counselling may help you deal with your painful emotions and with the many unknowns that spring up with this diagnosis.  Working with me re-focuses your energy on ways to heal.

You don’t need to continue feeling anxious, and you don’t have to deal with your uncertainties alone.

Through our work, clients often report feeling uplifted and energized. They feel stronger, calmer and lighter.

Divorce Coaching

Divorce is a highly emotional time packed with uncertainty, anxiety, hurt, and anger.  You may grieve the loss of your current family as you know it, and you may also grieve the loss of future dreams, visions and hopes.

As your divorce coach, I …

  • provide emotional support around the change of life and loss of your marriage and relationship
  • help you with your uncertainties, so you get clear about where to go from here
  • help you process your loss
  • help you with the transition from being in a relationship to being single, or a single parent
  • guide and assist you in drafting a working co-parenting plan
  • provide parenting guidance at this vulnerable time
  • facilitate communication skills for future interactions with your former spouse and possibly the family

Separation and divorce are difficult transitions to navigate alone. Compassionate, professional support is invaluable at this time.


Healing from grief & Loss

Grieving for a any loss may be overwhelming and even debilitating at times. 

I help you with your pain,  and I help you deal with the changes in yourself and your world. 

People often tell me they sleep better after our sessions. They say they wake up in the morning feeling more energized than they have felt in a long time. They also report feeling hope again.