Sassona (Sony) Baron

Sassona (Sony) Baron

Are you seeking relief from


feeling stuck?



Feeling angry?

not feeling good enough?

having difficulties with relationships?


health issues?


Are you looking to connect with your soul?

Are you looking to find your soul’s purpose?

What I offer is an intervention.

  • I see the hidden cause of your issue, and I help you unravel it. When the root cause is gone, it stops impacting you. As a result, you are free to make different choices and make your life the best it can be.

  • I work with your soul. I help you find your soul’s purpose and to hear its voice.

  • I give you skills to incorporate into your daily life, so you may continue supporting your soul and your healing outside your time with me. 

You may work with me in person or online.

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Through our work, people release burdens and feel empowered.

Shamanic practice 

Following a shamanic session, people typically feel lighter, clearer and power-full.


"Thank you so much! you certainly have the gift of helping and healing,… "

"Sony is a beacon of hope, a true treasure!!"


"You are an amazing and gifted healer. "

"I can say that my world is a much brighter place."