Sassona (Sony) Baron

Sassona (Sony) Baron

The moment to take care of you is now!

You may feel anxious or depressed. You may be in a difficult relationship. You may feel lost, stuck, overwhelmed, or burnt out.

All this can change!

It is, after all, your birthright to feel peaceful and well!

let me help you find relief and clarity!

After 1-3 sessions with me, you feel a world of difference!

Let’s get started!

You may work with me in person or online.

  • I combine science and spiritual practice to empower you.

  • I help you connect with your vibrant life force, so it can work for you!

  • I help you connect with your higher guidance, so you are always supported and feel loved.

  • I help you connect with your vitality and the radiance of your soul. It’s beautiful!

  • I give you skills to incorporate into your daily life, so you may continue supporting your healing and growth outside your time with me. 

When you are empowered, you change your reality !

I live and practice on land that is home to the Lkwungen Peoples, also known as the Songhees, Esquimalt and WSANEC. I honour and acknowledge the peoples, their lives, their ancestors, and the spirit of this beautiful land. I give my thanks for their hospitality.

May the ancestors and spirit of this land be held in peace and eternal blessings.

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psychotherapy & family constellation 

to release burdens and feel empowered.

shamanic healing

to feel lighter, clearer and power-full.

sacred space

An integration of mind, heart & intuition

Family system healing

Healing of your soul


"Thank you so much! you certainly have the gift of helping and healing,… "

"Sony is a beacon of hope, a true treasure!!"


"You are an amazing and gifted healer. "

"I can say that my world is a much brighter place."