Are you looking for fast relief from





not feeling good enough,

feeling chronically unwell, 

having difficulties with relationships,



With my ability to decode complex situations and disentangle difficult experiences, I quickly and effectively help you find relief, clarity, strength and hope. I strive to inspire you to know all the possibilities that are open to you, and to help you find your inspiration, truth, and sense of well being. 

As a counsellor, shamanic practitioner, family constellation therapist, coach and teacher, I help you heal yourself.  When I work with you, I offer a blend of heart opening and somatic psychotherapy / shamanic healing / teaching / Reiki / and a space of deep connection. I give you skills to incorporate into your daily life, so you may continue supporting your healing process outside your time with me. 

I work with you Face to face, or Online.

Photo by Imelda Almqvist

Counselling & Coaching 

Relief and healing don’t need to take months! In fact, you get results in your first session with me. Through a Four Step Process, you feel stronger, make better decisions, improve communication and ease through life’s difficult transitions. 

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Shamanic practice 

Shamanic practice is ancient, gentle, effective and result oriented.  Following a session, people report feeling stronger, lighter, clearer and more grounded. They often feel that a shift has occurred.

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"Thank you so much! you certainly have the gift of helping and healing,… "

"Sony is a beacon of hope, a true treasure!!"


"Now, I’m at peace with myself and I’m able to actively support my healing."

"I can say that my world is a much brighter place."