Find relief and clarity in the first session! 

  • Find relief from anxiety and depression

  • Change life patterns that don't serve  

  • Heal from trauma

  • Heal from grief & loss

  • Heal from cancer

  • Heal from separation & divorce 


How do I work?

My practice is unique in its pace and effectiveness, and most people feel relief after the first session. Together we use your own life force and resources to target and support what you need resolved. The sessions are gentle, sensitive, and compassionate as we shed light on what is hidden, and subsequently heal what stands to be healed. 

I do not do talk therapy. I facilitate an experiential session where shifts occur to provide you with relief and with "feeling lighter" as many clients express.

I have extensive training and experience in systemic work, family constellation, shamanic practice and more, which on their own or together create a strong base for your healing work. 

I invite you...