Sony Baron brings people back in touch with their essence and helps her clients rediscover their life spark.

Sony believes that inside each of you there is a True Self or Creative Spirit that is free of fear and anxiety. She is an accomplished counsellor, shamanic healer, coach and teacher, who helps you get in touch with this part of you.

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Counselling & Coaching

Change and healing don’t need to take months. Through a Four Step Process, you create change in your life, make better decisions, improve communication and ease through life’s difficult transitions. 

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Shamanic Healing

Ancient, gentle, effective and result oriented.  With Shamanic healing, people report feeling stronger, lighter, clearer and more grounded. After a session, they often feel that a shift has occurred.

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"Thank you so much! you certainly have the gift of helping and healing,… "

"She is a beacon of hope, a true treasure!!"


"Now, I’m at peace with myself and I’m able to actively support my healing."

"I can say that my world is a much brighter place."