weaving your destiny

Weaving is a silent prayer, a meditation and an embodiment of the moment.  It is the magic that happens when we create and are present without thinking. Weaving does not use words as it moves to create. With the repetitive sound of the shuttle ferrying the thread and the change of treadles, weaving is a meditation in the realm of soul. This kind of soul-sense activity transcends time and space, so there is no wonder that many world mythologies have legneds of spinning and weaving.

Myths represent an archetypal and ageless consciousness and convey a universal cultural narrative. Weaving myths in particular are wonderful vehicles to express interlacement and movement. I am fond of the Norse mythology describing the Wyrd* Sisters, who weave the destiny of Gods and humans alike. Sometimes when I weave, I imagine the sisters weaving tapestries of fates that intertwine and form the web of all things.

Silence of mind and prayer are not the only language of soul and weaving. Both are also timeless and are connected to multi-generational family systems. Weaving has an ancestral connection to many of us dating back to 7000 BC. Every household needed clothing and beddings, so men and women made cloth. 

When I look at the qualities of soul and weaving, it seems natural to have one serve the other. Weaving serves soul, and soul serves weaving. One beautiful container to hold tribute to both is the Constellation circle, where soul and weaving stand for movement of soul, honouring ancestors and honouring destiny.

According to myth and to spiritual sources, our fate is predetermined. However, how we fulfill our destiny is subject to free will. The weaving structure follows the same principle. The warp (the vertical threads) is the predetermined format of the finished product be it a tea towel, scarf or blanket. It resembles our destiny. The weft (the horizontal threads) is like free will. We decide which colours or pattern to weave into the warp to manifest our desired outcome. Working in this universal and timeless space, we step into the archetypal, mythical, and spiritual field of feeling and listening to the vibrations of our soul.

How do we honour our soul movement in a weaving constellation?
Movement of the soul has its own rhythm, which does not necessarily follow linear time. It is slow and cannot be rushed. Weaving is the same. The threads are responsive and also have their own rhythm. It is best not to rush. Therefore, entering soul work through a weaving portal sets the tone for connecting with this flow beautifully. 

With hand-held looms we weave, and we listen to the silence inside. From the stillness, we recognize what calls to be healed, and we honour it in the constellation circle. In between each constellation, we return to our looms and allow the quiet creativity to hold space for healing. To close, we let our body’s sense guide us to complete the piece, which can be put on a sacred altar, on a keychain, sewn into a piece of clothing or any other use you may think of.

No weaving experience is necessary to participate in this constellation circle.

Next Date: February 10, 2018 - 10am-3pm

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