Welcome to the

Teaching Winds School of Shamanic Studies

This school is a manifestation of my vision to seed the sacred work of shamanism in my community and beyond. 

The goal of the school is to teach shamanic healing practices to those called to this work. The practice may be used on its own, or to enhance existing practices, such as medicine, meditation & yoga teachers, counselling etc. The practice may also be used for personal self-development.

The pre-requisite skill for this work is the ability to journey to non-ordinary reality. Having strong journeying skills will not only improve your life on many levels, but it is also the corner stone of other shamanic healing work.

Once you have acquired and practiced your journeying skills, you may apply to the Shamanic Practitioner Training.


  • The Shaman's Journey class
  • Strong Journeying skills

The practitioner program is only meant for those with serious intention and commitment to live in harmony with the universe. With my deepest respect and compassion, this training is neither helpful nor suitable for those with behavioural or serious mental issues. 

The shamanic practitioner program

The training offers the necessary skills to do shamanic healing in an ethical, respectful and compassionate manner. It includes the core shamanic practice of:

  • Self healing & Self Care
  • Extraction
  • Healing with spiritual light 
  • Soul work : Soul loss, soul retrieval & integration, soul remembrance 
  • Ancestral healing and healing of old family imprints 
  • Psychopomp work
  • Death & dying

please email me to have your name put on the list for the fall 2017 shamanic practitioner training.

Only 8 spaces available.