When you are at a crossroad facing a significant life change, maybe,

  • looking for a new career,
  • recovering from a long-term illness,
  • transitioning to being single after a separation or divorce,
  • becoming an empty nester,
  • or perhaps finding yourself "retired"

The question is " What's Next?"

During such transition, it helps to clear emotions you carry with you, so you are at peace and ready for what's next. It also helps to work with a guide and a coach to help you move forward. 

This is where our teamwork can help you!

 "How skilled you and David are. How wonderfully the two of you work together. " 

"How skilled you and David are. How wonderfully the two of you work together. " 

The team consists of husband and wife  Sony Baron & David Crumpton. While Sony, addresses the emotional aspect, David addresses the practical part of your quest. 

Each brings a wealth of experience and diverse and unique expertise to serve you. 

You can read about Sony Baron in the About section.

Meet David Crumpton MBA, LLB, MA: Lawyer, Business Administrator and Team Leader, Executive and Personal Coach, Consultant, Human Systems Constellation Facilitator (family and organizations), former officer in the Canadian Air Force.

You can read more about David here.  

Our rates are $200 for a package of one separate hour with each professional. 

To book: Once you book for the service through the online booking, you will have booked your counselling portion with Sony.  You will then receive an email from David to arrange for the coaching session with him. 

We look forward to working with you!