are you at a crossroad facing a significant life change?

  • looking for a new career?

  • recovering from a long-term illness?

  • transitioning to being single after a separation or divorce?

  • becoming an empty nester?

  • or perhaps finding yourself "retired"?

The question is "What's Next?"

During such transitions, it helps to clear emotions you carry with you. It also helps to work with a guide and a coach to help you move forward. 

This is where our two professional teamwork  helps you!

“How skilled you and David are. How wonderfully the two of you work as a team!”

Our team consists of David Crumpton, and myself.  While I address the emotional and spiritual aspects, David addresses the practical and sequential parts to help you reach your goal. 

Each of us brings a wealth of experience to serve you. 

Meet David Crumpton MBA, LLB, MA: Executive and Life Coach, Lawyer, Business Administrator and Team Leader, Consultant, Human Systems Constellation Facilitator, former officer in the Canadian Air Force.

we offer:

  • Coaching

  • Counselling & coaching combination

  • Face-to-face sessions

  • Online or telephone sessions

Please Email David or Sony to BOOK your life changing sessions!

We look forward to helping you make your life the best it can be!