Shamanic Session with Sony

A shamanic session is a heart centred ceremony, which includes a consultation, a shamanic journey on your behalf, and a closing ceremony. There may be drumming, rattling, music, chanting, being quiet, laughing, crying and everything in between. 

Shamanic work supports and complements psychotherapy or other modalities. It does not replace them! 


A shamanic session affects each individual differently. Generally, people report feeling stronger, lighter, clearer and more grounded. Most feel a deep sense of calm following the session, and they sense a shift has occurred. Typically, the integration of the process continue weeks past the session. I recommend follow-up sessions to ground the work and support you on your new path. 

Want to explore a shamanic session?

A shamanic healing session may involve:

Soul Retrieval:  


It is believed that when someone suffers an emotional or physical difficulty, or trauma,  part of the soul, or life essence, detaches from the body in order to survive the experience. It is an effective defence mechanism when it happens.  Yet, unless this essence is merged back with the body, the soul part disassociates, and we begin to feel the loss of our life essence. We may get depressed, ill, tired, or feel lost. We don't quite feel like ourselves.

In psychology we call this disassociation. But in psychology we don’t talk about what dissociates, what qualities of the person have left, or where that part had gone. In shamanism, we understand that a part of the soul leaves the body and goes to a territory shamans call non-ordinary reality. There the essence part gets stuck until someone intervenes in the spiritual realms and facilitates its return.

It has always been the role of the shaman to go into an altered state of consciousness to track the departed soul part and facilitate its return.

To learn more about Soul Retrieval click HERE

Adapted from Sandra Ingerman

power animal retrieval

Shamanic cultures believe that each one of us was born with a spiritual helper, also known as a power or Totem animal. This spiritual guide provide you with an empowering energy of protection, companionship and guidance. 


The science of epigenetics and many wisdom based cultures know that we are but one link in a long chain of previous generations. Through this genetic and energetic connection,  we are deeply affected by our ancestors' patterns and experiences. Any unresolved history of suffering greatly impacts the living today. When you heal your ancestral imprints, you set yourself  free to manifest your unique soul's dreams.   

shamanic work may also involve:

  • Clearing of the body from misaligned energy

  • Death and Dying consultation and preparation

  • Divination work

  • Communication with the departed to find comfort and healing

  • And more... depending on what you need.

Drum painted by Imelda Almqvist