Wisdom traditions believe that each of us has at least one spirit guide, also known as totem, power animal, or guardian spirit. The belief is that when we are born, at least one spirit volunteers itself to be our ally. This helper is not limited by its form and works on different levels as our protector, guide and trusted companion.

Please understand that your power animal is an archetype of the whole species and not one specific animal. It can be from any realm in this world namely sky, water and land, and it can also be a mythological or an extinct creature. Regardless of which guiding spirit it is, no one is ‘better’ than any other in the spirit world. Each has extreme power and unique gifts that are shared specifically with you.

guide for your relationship with your helping spirit

After meeting your helping spirit, you must develop and honour your relationship with it. Keep your relationship private.

Always, always thank your helping spirit for volunteering itself to be of service to you!  The more gratitude, the better!

How to honour your power animal?

(Please note that I use the term ‘power animal’ or ‘helping spirit’ interchangeably.)

  • Your helping spirit lost its physical form, and would love to feel the ‘physical’ again. Therefore, moving it through dancing, jogging, swimming or any other form of movement is greatly appreciated.

  • Give it an offering, such as  corn meal. You could journey or meditate to your power animal and specifically ask it how you may honour it.  State your intention of gratitude when you give it the offering.

  • Journey or meditate to your spirit guide with questions about your life. It loves sharing its wisdom as this is the reason it has come to you.  Being in service is its intention, so the more you engage with it, the happier it is.

  • It’s nice to have a representation of your guiding spirit, such as in art, photographs, jewelry, or on your desktop.

    Above all, enjoy your relationship with this wondrous ally.

Credit: Sandra Ingerman MA, Leslie Conton PhD

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