Relief and healing don’t need to take months!

Through a Four Step Process, you make better decisions, improve communication and ease through life’s difficult transitions. This process is efficient and effective.

Step 1: Locate the source

  • Welook at your issue
  • We explore a few targeted questions
  • We do not dwell on the past

Step 3: Explore current impact

  • We look at how your early emotional experience and that of your family and ancestors affect you today, body, mind & soul
  • We look at how your present actions and reactions are related to an old life pattern and family pattern / dynamics

Step 2. Identify rooted emotions, beliefs, and stances

  • We identify the emotions and patterns connected to your issue

Step 4: Shift to control & direct

  • We re-shape your experience today to create new neural pathways in your brain
  • I give you tools and skills to work with to establish your new brain map
  • With practice, you get to be in charge of  your life.

Questions about results?

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