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  • Systems / FAMILY Constellation Circle

"Many thanks to You and David for a very enlightening evening of family constellations. I think this work is so important and relevant, and I am so grateful and appreciative that you are doing this work." 


September 12, 2018   6:30pm-9:30pm

$25 per person

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A system, such as a family,  exists within an energetic field of knowledge and understanding referred to as the 'Knowing Field’,  or 'Field'.  In System's Constellation work we tap into this field. This presents us with the opportunity to better understand hidden patterns and disturbances in the system. The patterns that are revealed are not known to members of the system for one reason or another.

As the client, you present an issue. The facilitators direct you to choose representatives from the group to stand for a particular person or issue. The moment someone in the group agrees to be a representative, they experience and communicate information from the field. As a representative, you are always still you, but you are also able to tap into the experience of another. That experience is where the focus is for as long as you are a representative. Trust it.

My husband, David Crumpton and I will co-facilitate the constellation circles. Professionally, David is a lawyer, systems' constellation facilitator,  consultant, and an executive coach. 

What does systems' constellation help with?

Constellation circles can help with relationships, family, finances, work, health, the environment, pets, and so much more. If you are interested in a family constellation, your family member DO NOT need to be present. 

You have a choice of three levels of involvement:
1. You could serve as witness to support the work in the circle.  
2. You could be asked to represent someone or something within the circle.
3. You could be the client and choose representatives for your constellation.  

It is clear that participants at all levels of involvement receive healing through this work. 

Wanting to know more about Family Constellation? Click HERE


"Thank you and David so much. It’s almost unbelievable how effective and healing constellation therapy is. Even in the constellations I was just witnessing, I could feel healing for myself, and it definitely seemed to be healing for others too.  I can’t wait until the next circle!"

"The circle was gentle and powerful, held in such a supportive way by you and David who were careful to check in with people and their bodies very consciously.  Your expertise with constellation work and intuitive insight brought clarity and resolution to the issues being looked at. I wish more and more people could experience a constellation circle."

"Thank you for the moving and meaningful evening." 

We look forward to sharing this beautiful work with you!


  • compassionate threads: addressing limiting beliefs

cloth 2.jpg

october 20, 2018   10am-5pm

$105 per person

Beliefs are deeply ingrained. In fact, beliefs run much of our lives. 
Our earliest memories become our current belief system. We learn what to believe, and some would say we inherit beliefs.

What we know for sure is that our beliefs create our reality. They are powerful agents. Therefore, it would be so good to have our beliefs align with our highest good. 

This workshop is about identifying and working with our belief system: Do they serve us or do they limit us? 

We do this through:

  • Personal reflections supported by the compassionate 'We Space' of the group

  • Family constellation work

  • Compassionately creating and weaving new threads of beliefs using the handloom shown in the picture. 

  • Closing ceremony




NOVEMBER 3, 2018   10am-5pm

$175 per person



For thousands of years, shamans around the world have journeyed to other levels of reality gaining access to information that may seem quite extraordinary about how to treat and prevent illness, avoid negative situations, clear family issues, plan for our future, and more. 

Once you have learned the core skills, the practice is alive within you – available whenever you need it. This leads to a feeling of personal empowerment and helps you better fulfill your role within your family and community.


  • Opening sacred space for shamanic work

  • The cosmology of the worlds from a shamanic perspective: lower, middle and upper worlds

  • How to reach a shamanic state of consciousness, so you may journey to the invisible realms 

  • The use of a rattle and / or drum to reach theta brain waves for journeying

  • Meeting your guardian / power animal / totem

  • Meeting a spirit teacher

  • Learning to develop relationships with your compassionate helpers

  • How to do a divination journey for another with permission

  • How to retrieve a power animal for another with permission

  • How to work with the elements

  • How to set an altar for focused intention and ceremony

  • The nature of illness from a shamanic perspective

  • Healing ceremony