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  • Shamanic Practitioner Training beginning January, 2018

Please email me for details. Thank you!

  • System Constellation Circle in Victoria



What does a constellation circle look like? 
Imagine an energetic field that holds information about a system. It could be a family system, work system, your body's system, your social network system, etc. Once you enter this informative field as a representative, you become like an antennae and are able to experience and express what you receive. The information you receive as a representative is not about you personally. In a group constellation setting, the field is within the circle.

My husband, David, who also took the training, and I will co-facilitate the constellation circles. Professionally, David is a lawyer, privacy specialist, consultant, an executive coach, and also shamanically-trained. David brings to this work an understanding and intuition that serve the field beautifully. 

Constellation circles can help with relationships, family, finances, work, health, and so much more. If you are interested in a family constellation, your family member DO NOT need to be present. 

From my experience, participants at all levels of involvement receive healing through this work. 

You have a choice of three levels of involvement:
1. You could serve as witness to support the work in the circle.  
2. You could be asked to represent someone or something within the circle.
3. You could be the client and choose representatives for your constellation.  

Wanting to know more about Family Constellation in particular? Read HERE

Should you be interested in our constellation circles, please email me at


  • Wednesday, November 22, 2017
  • 6:30pm-9:30pm
  • In Victoria - details to follow upon registering
  • $25 per person

I look forward to sharing this beautiful work with you!